Our approach is simple: build a plan and execute on it. Beyond providing the best available data analytics and comparative benchmarking in the development of our plans, we offer every client a comprehensive network of support for the implementation of the plan through strong communications, stakeholder outreach and in-depth operational assistance. Any municipal budget recovery plan requires a deep understanding of the city and region’s demographics, economic indicators and broader socioeconomic profile in order to better calibrate our initiatives and anticipate their impact on residents, businesses and other stakeholders; in every project, we work to capture this critical information by analyzing data sets offered by government, academic, foundation and “on the ground” resources, and optimize them for use, transparency and accessibility.

We understand our work to require a truly “hands on” approach and view our relationship with each client as a genuine partnership. In addition, we also seek to build relationships with each client’s unique set of stakeholders, from local businesses and non-profits to unions, state government agencies and academic institutions. Along with our emphasis on fostering strong partnerships with our clients and the community, we believe that our ability to work closely with state government agencies, budget recovery officers and extraordinary fiscal distress programs has allowed our work to have more impact and enhance the likelihood of long-term recovery.

In Pennsylvania, we have deep experience working with the Municipal Financial Recovery Act (Act 47), as well as Act 47 Coordinators, the Department of Community and Economic Development and other Commonwealth agencies such as PENNVEST and the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System.

In New Jersey, we have long-standing relationships and experience with the Division of Local Government Services, the Transitional Aid program, State Supervision, the Public Employees Relations Commission, and County Tax Boards.